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Connecticut Dental Hygienists Political Action Committee  

Supporting advancement of the dental hygiene profession

Promoting access to oral health by the public

Dear Colleagues:


ConnHyPAC, a separate organization from ADHA-CT, was formed as a political action committee. The objective of the PAC is to raise money that is used to contribute to various legislators’ campaigns, particularly those that are sympathetic to the issues of our profession.

How can you support change in dental hygiene practice?

In Connecticut and nationwide, dental hygiene is challenged with issues related to scope of practice, access to care, and the professional future of dental hygiene.

To promote change AND improve the standard of the dental hygiene profession, your dental hygiene association encourages you to be involved with political issues and form collaborative partnerships in advancing the association’s goals.

You can support ADHA-CT legislative pursuits...

Be active with your colleagues and connect with the legislators who represent you. Develop relationships with lawmakers as their constituents to assist in creating legislative success. 

Financially support for ConnHyPAC to assist the PAC in contributing to campaigns of state representatives and senators we count as “Friends of Dental Hygiene,” to ensure their viability in the legislature.

Continued support is vital to legislative success. 

PAC financial donations may be made at any time throughout the year.  With a contribution of minimum $20.00 you will receive a ConnHyPAC member pin to visibly show your support for your chosen profession. Use the PAC pin link below to make your contribution directly through your PayPal account.

Additional Fundraising Events Coming this Fall:

Look for the In Person Silent Auction and

ConnHyPAC On-Line Auction during the Fall Nutmeg Conference

Contact ConnHyPAC Directors with questions:

Thank you,

Marcia Lorentzen, RDH, MSEd, EdD


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