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CDHA strives to provide opportunities for professional growth for registered dental hygienists in the state of Connecticut. In order to do this, it is important to stay aware of employment trends occurring nationally through communication with ADHA, and then apply those trends to the economy and client needs of our state. Your association/lobbyists are doing that on your behalf on a daily basis!

Dental Therapist in CT!  What is the Dental Therapist (DT)? Stay Tuned for More Details!

The Dental Therapist (DT) is an Innovative Workforce Model who can meet the needs of the underserved. Practicing in collaboration with a dentist, the scope of practice is between that of a Registered Dental Hygienist and a Dentist. Since the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) has published accreditation standards, the more acceptable term nationally for this provider is Dental Therapist.  Therefore, Connecticut is following that national trend.
CDHA advocates for positioning dental hygienists in the primary healthcare roles for which they are suited.
With the assistance of ADHA, we pursue efforts that allow Connecticut dental hygienists to practice to the full extent of our dental hygiene education and licensure. To financially support these efforts, a Political Action Committee was created by CDHA:  the Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee (ConnHyPAC), which is a separate organization from ADHA. The objective of ConnHyPAC is to raise money that is used to contribute to various legislators’ campaigns, particularly those that are sympathetic to the issues of our profession.  
Telehealth and Dental Hygiene Practice!  What are the possibilities? Keep Abreast for the Updates!

    Often called telemedicine, telehealth provides a HIPAA-secure system for communication between health care providers and patients when the patient and healthcare provider are not in the same place at the same time. The federal government has taken steps to make providing and receiving care through telehealth easier, especially during the challenges of COVID-19. In many states, dental hygienists are approved licensed providers who facilitate this form of patient care.
Connecticut dental hygienists are encouraged to get involved with political issues
on the state and local levels and form collaborative partnerships in advancing healthcare goals. In Connecticut and throughout the Nation dental hygiene is being challenged. Challenges we face include educational standards, scope of practice, direct access, reimbursement, and the professional future of dental hygiene. Advocacy is needed to maintain and improve the standard of our profession.

What can Connecticut Dental Hygienists do? 
t is imperative that we are visible within the legislative arena. Your support - through verbal and written communication to legislators and financial contributions to the Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee - is vital to legislative success. The legislators we support financially are those that we count as “Friends of Dental Hygiene.”  Therefore, we must look to ensure their viability in the legislature.

How does the Connecticut Dental Hygienists Political Action Committee raise money?
Financial support may be made by any Registered Dental Hygienist, their spouse, members or their immediate family, and others who wish to help the Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Association meet advocacy goals.  Throughout the year ConnHyPAC pins ($20.00 contribution) are available for purchase which immediately support the PAC.  Fund-raising events are held periodically, including during the annual Nutmeg Conference and popular Red Shoe Celebration. Details on these opportunities are updated in the website at

Membership in ADHA is encouraged but not a requirement for purchasing PAC pins nor for making financial contributions. Nationally and in each state work continues on your behalf to promote professional advancement, oral health of the public, and access to oral health. PAC Contributions are accepted in accordance with the State Elections and Enforcement Commission (SEEC) and are subject to the approval of the ConnHyPAC Board of Directors. Funds shall be disbursed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of dental hygiene through the Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee.

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