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Continuing Education Requirements for
Registered Dental Hygienists in CT


Find the entire Connecticut State Dental Hygiene Practice Act and Department of Public Health information about Dental Hygiene Licensure in CT linked here:

In the state of CT, dental hygienists must earn a minimum of 16 hours of CEU credits within a 24-month period. Please see link above for details on qualifying CEU credits

Of these 16 hours, one hour must be on infection control in a dental setting, and one hour in cultural competency 


8 hours of volunteer dental practice at a public health facility may be substituted for 1 CEU, up to a maximum of 5 CEU's in a 24-month period.  


There is NO LONGER any limitation on the number of CEU credits you may obtain online. Credits may be obtained online as long as they are offered by qualifying institutions (see DPH website for full list)

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