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Partnerships in Health

Connecticut Oral Health Initiative

COHI Mission: Through advocacy, coalition building, and education, COHI works to create a public consience that results in oral health for all.


For health practitioners:

The Oral Cancer Foundation

Founded by an oral cancer survivor, Brian R. Hill, the foundation's goals are supported by a Scientific Advisory Board composed of leading cancer authorities from varied medical and dental specialties, drawn from premier cancer treatment, research, and educational institutions in the US. The foundation is currently forming its Board of Advisors from a selection of individuals with experience in philanthropic and cause related issues, and continues to add to its board of directors. - See more at:

Home by One Program

The State Department of Public Health, Office of Oral Health has developed a program called “Home by One” to build partnerships with dental and medical practitioners, social service providers, parents and caregivers that focus on oral health as essential to the overall health and well being of the children through the achievement of the following goals:


I. Expand the number of dental practices providing dental homes for children beginning at age one.    

II. Coordinate and exchange oral health information as it relates to overall health among state agencies and community organizations.

III. Train parents as advocates for oral health for their children and families.  Fact Sheets for oral health topics.

IV. Expand the non-dental workforce competent in preventive dental strategies  (i.e. oral disease preventive education).

For more information:

Visit here:

to learn about oral health, disease, research, grants, finding, and clinical trials.  In addition, gain access to hundreds of reources including free pamphlets and brochures on many oral healthcare topics.


1. Preventing tooth decay

2. Coverage, financing, access

3. Effective tools for States


For more information, including the State tools, click here:

Click here to read about the World Health Organization's Strategies for Oral Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and more...

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