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CAPDHA (06) Purpose:

Representing hygienists in Public Health, Education, Research, and Corporate settings. (06)

The History of CAPDHA component was originated by Caryl Robotti Krasniewicz, RDH, BA, a public health dental hygienist, whose vision was to have a component that encompasses dental hygienists in non-traditional roles as well as dental hygienists in public health settings. 

Component Officers

  Office                             Name                               Email                                                             

President:   Jeanne Schnackenberg, RDH, BS                     

Vice President:  Linda Conti, RDH, BS         

Secretary: Jeannie Schnakenberg, RDH, BS             

Treasurer:  Pamela Young, RDH, BS                                    

Trustee:  Deborah Arslan, RDH, BS      

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